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Petroleum trading

Located in the city’s logistics center, the system of SOTRANS gas stations is adjacent to the Hanoi Highway and very convenient for transportations refuel before moving on to the Eastern, Western, Middle and Northern trips.

SOTRANS supplies fuel for transportations specialized in the Inland Clearance Depot (ICD), container trailers and high-load trucks operating via the Hanoi Highway.

SOTRANS also sign long-term fuel supply contracts for enterprises, the transportations operating in Ho Chi Minh City area and nearby provinces. Beside the personal transportation vehicles such as: automobiles, motorcycles can refuel at SOTRANS gas stations located on national highways.


The main functions:

  • Gasoline for wholesale and retail.
  • Development of petroleum retail system in the area and distribution of second level to plants, factories and transportation…
  • Exploiting oil business for mass transport vehicles, systems, machinery… exploit lubricants wholesale and retail at the neighborhood stations and nearby area.
  • Distribution of engine lubricants, industrial and specialized lubricants nationwide.

Quality standard regarding: Gasoline is qualified of Vietnam standards (in some cases by agreement may provide particular type of superior quality petroleum). Lubricants qualify the standards of American Petroleum Institute (API) to match strictest demand of high quality engines and equipment.

Quantity and categories regarding: Meet the quantity and categories gasoline on the needs of customers and business partners.

Contact information:

The Southern area:

South Port JSC

Address: Km 7, Ha Noi Highway,
Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Tel: (84.28) 3640 2833
Fax: (84.28) 3896 0059


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