Over 22 ships

from 90 – 300 teus.

Inland waterway transport

SOTRANS developing domestic transport route through the waterway with various services including north-south waterway transport and vice versa, door to door service with the transfer of professional container trucks. Experience over 45 years in the logistics services combined with strong transport capacity, customers complete peace of mind when SOTRANS manage goods from factory to the destination quickly and effectively.

On the other hand through SOWATCO (a member of SOTRANS), SOTRANS deploys strong shipping operations in the South.

SOWATCO is the leading company in container and bulk cargo transportation at inland waterways in Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta Provinces. Self propelled barges 22 units from 90 teus to 300 teus transport containers from VICT port to depots and ICD ports in Thu Duc and vice versa, such as: Sotrans ICD Port, Transimex ICD Port, Phuoc Long ICD Port, etc., to ensure the cargo trade route in Ho Chi Minh City and Western Provinces.

SOWATCO has a strong transportation capacity and specialized tugboats and supporting sea ships with capcity from 560 CV to 4.000 CV, ships at VICT port, ports and anchor buoys in Ho Chi Minh City.

Advantages and strengths of the service:

  • With the system of ports – berths and rivers – canals in the Southern area, the trend of inland container forwarding is increasing and the advantages of inland waterways transport are always promoted in comparison with other modes of transport such as road – air and rail.
  • Inland waterways transportation has met a large volume of goods for inland transport and transshipped import and export goods from ICD and Industrial Parks in the key economic areas of inland waterways to gather them into Seaports and vice versa, especially, the cargo transport to Cai Mep – Thi Vai and Cambodia.
  • Fleet team with tonnage and large capacity, a team of Boats – Machine Head with high workmanship, stability and ability to compete in the current conditions.
  • To connect mode of inland waterway transport with other modes of transport such as road, railway … with logistics companies.
  • To carry out support services of marine such as ship towage tugs at the ports and anchorage systems at Cai Lai and Thieng Lieng of SOWATCO, tying and undoing shipping lines.
  • Implement container services in the port such as tallying and bottling of containers at yards and warehouses in the port, loading and unloading and transporting containers from pier into yard through 10 semi trailers of SOWATCO.

SOTRANS network:

Contact information:

The Southern area:

Logistics Division

Add: 1B Hoang Dieu, Dist.4, HCMC, Vietnam.
Tel: (84.28) 6268 5858 – Fax: (84.28) 3826 6593
Email: logistics.sales@sotrans.com.vn

The Northern area:

SOTRANS Hanoi branch

Add: 142 Doi Can, Ba Dinh dist., Ha Noi, Viet Nam.
Tel: (84.24) 6262 3838 – Fax: (84.24) 3732 1119
Email: hanoi.sales@sotrans.com.vn

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