and challenge

work environment.

Work environment in SOTRANS:

Working in SOTRANS will bring you challenges and require from you activeness and dynamics. You will have chance working with outstanding specialists of SOTRANS who are experienced and working for a common objective.

We undertake to bring you favorable conditions to achieve your career prospect. Besides, global network of SOTRANS will bring you chance to experience and access method of management and strategic planning of multinational companies. Therefore, you will have every condition to apply your creativity, knowledge, skill and experience to develop yourself and strengthen Company’s position on market.

Moreover, working with SOTRANS, you also need to work and develop your teamwork skills, which will be essential to your success in the future. Join SOTRANS today so you can develop your career and contribute to success and development of SOTRANS.

Cultural value


Cultural value:

The cultural value of SOTRANS is “RICH”. This is the abbreviation for 4 charaters.

  • R – Responsibility:

Have a strong responsibility in all activities.

  • I – Innovation:

Innovating itself for new situation.

  • C – Choice:

SOTRANS is always the right choice.

  • H – Home:

Work together in one good team.

10 benefits at SOTRANS:

  • Training program for members in probationary period.
  • Training program throughout the work.
  • The working environment is dynamic, effective and progressive.
  • Salary, bonus and other allowances.
  • Promotion opportunities.
  • Equipment and facilities for work.
  • Break time and lunch.
  • Vacation, holiday, Tet holidays…
  • Social and medical insurance in accordance with Labor Law of Vietnam.
  • Other benefits for family members of the Company.

Community activities:

SOTRANS Logistics Gala Night 2020.

SOTRANS Logistics Team Building 2019.

SOTRANS Logistics 2020 Festival Day.

SOTRANS Team Building 2018.

SOTRANS Gala Night 2018.

SOTRANS Team Building 2017.

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