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Provide the best and most efficient logistics solutions.

Business philosophy – 4C:

SOTRANS’ business philosophy was built on four pillars: cooperation, creativity, communication and closery. We are proud to be able to bring added value to the logistics operating chain and, through that, to create strong growth opportunities with customers.


Cooperate closely with customers and partners to bring mutual benefits.


Have creative thinking to fit special customers.


Have good communication to meet customers’ demand.


Provide a friendly working environment.

Cultural value:

The cultural value of Sotrans is “RICH”. This is the abbreviation for 4 charaters.

  • R – Responsibility:

Have a strong responsibility in all activities.

  • I – Innovation:

Innovating itself for new situation.

  • C – Choice:

SOTRANS is always the right choice.

  • H – Home:

Work together in one good team.

Community activities:

SOTRANS Team Building 2018.

SOTRANS Gala Night 2018.

SOTRANS Team Building 2017.

Top 3 Vietnam logistics provider !