Vietranstimex ‘s Project Transportation Management System – IBOM goes live.

On February 28th, 2022, Vietranstimex – a member company of SOTRANS Group has launched the Project Transportation Management System – IBOM.

The IBOM software project was started in October 2021. After 5 months of implementation, the IBOM software flatform was officially released phase 1 into the operation activities to support the seamless and systematic management of the entire oversize – overweight transportation project business and asset & equipment leasing management at Vietranstimex.

The Project Transportation Management System – IBOM with friendly interface, intuitive functions and easy to use even at first use, is one of the important software systems in digital transformation of Vietranstimex in particular and SOTRANS Group in general in the new period.

The IBOM system includes main functional modules, such as: construction management, supply management, warehouse management, asset management, financial management…, helping Vietranstimex improve the capacity of providing oversize – overweight transportation services to customers quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, this also helps Vietranstimex catch up with technology trends and thrive in the post-Covid-19 period.

As a part of SOTRANS Group’s 2021-2024 transformation strategy, the IBOM system promises not only to be a management software to support Vietranstimex’s operations, but also to be integrated and synchronized with SOTRANS Group’s management system. Thus, in the future, the IBOM system will be the key information bridge between Vietranstimex’s own management activities with SOTRANS Group’s management system.

Thank you to IT team of SOTRANS Group and Sales team and Operation team of Vietranstimex for your great efforts to run the project as targeted! Congratulations Vietranstimex for going live the Project Transportation Management System (IBOM)!